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The Power of Hoops

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Hoop earrings were once apart of the ensembles of Kings and Queens to signify social status. However, today they are a statement of confidence, strength and diversity.

At Essential Clay we have put a stylish spin on the classic and historical popular earring trend. Being a perfect circle is what is expected but our Ori - Hoops, short for origami gives

a fresh new take. They are irregular shaped and unique, no two pair will ever look the same. You will own a stylish and unique pair of hoops which will be on trend for a lifetime.

Hoop earrings are for the BOLD. With so many different designs and sizes, hoop jewelry stands out more than any other type of earring style. Hoops are a staple of many different cultures and continue to evolve as both a fashion accessory and symbol of strength.

While the primary reason why we wear hoops has to do with the fact that they automatically draw attention to our face and people recognize us instantly.

Get empowered and filled with positive feminine energy while you browse our wide hoops selections. You can find our Stainless Steel Charm Hoops, Our Pearl Hoops and, our Ori and Ori - Leaf Hoops. Shop at the

Make the essential choice and shop with Essential Clay...

Written By: Isha O.

CEO of Essential Clay

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