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Faux Metal Jewelry

Don't let the "FAUX" fool you! Our faux Metal Earrings are the best of both worlds. Light weight, shiny, realistic and affordable just to name a few!

You will love our beautiful options. Let me explain...

What I love most about our faux metal earring options is the grunge look they give off, they have imperfection markings that convinces you of their true metal nature. Being light weight is a huge + because when u love something you wanna wear it all the time. You wont be thinking about taking these off anytime soon!

I like to use the term "Grunge" when talking about our faux metal earring options but they are perfect for every look! Either Grunge, Punk, Sophisticated, Casual and yes even dressy. No matter your preferred style you find something to love from this Earring Collection. They are the perfect accessory to complete your LOOK. Pictured: "Copper Rose" Statement Earrings

I know you will agree with me when I say, Metallic will never go out of style. One thing about Essential Clay Jewelry Boutique we will always create jewelry which will be in-style 10 years from now and beyond!

Make the essential choice and choose to shop with Essential Clay Jewelry Boutique.

Browse our Pearls, Statements & Daily Wear Earrings along with our Bracelets and Necklaces in Gold and Silver options! shop @

Written by Isha O.

Owner and Designer of EC

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