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540 - Degree Rotating Magnetic Charge Cables 

Tech Box - Charge Cables 

Our Featured Product is our 540-Degree Rotating Magnetic Charge Cables. 

They are available in size 1 or 2 Meters & Colors, Purple, Red and Black

Included in your purchase is a Travel Pouch,USB Plug, Interfaces & Interface Holder for Type C, Lighting & Micro 

Product Features 

Fast Charging and Data Transferring 

Our featured item supports Fast Charging and Data Transmission at the same time.

Restore Your Battery Capacity & Transfer Data with our 1 or 2 Meter Length Magnetic Charge Cable. 

540 - Degree Rotation Versatility 

  • L - Shape and Straight Use 2 in 1 

  • Free Rotation Design 

  • Multi Angle Switching

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